Financial modelling

Have you been through a financial planning exercise? We run a well tested process, working closely with you to compile a comprehensive financial plan that shows where your company is now and where you want it to be.

This will help you determine whether your business requires financing and, if so, how much. The plan will also enable investors to assess whether investing in your company is right for them.

Your resulting plan will include three main areas of statements – income statement, balance sheet and cashflow statement, along with built-in formulas to test different number scenarios.


Managing cashflow

Cash is king. Visualising how cash is used by your organisation, when and in what quantities helps you to use capital in the most efficient way.

Performance analysis

Easily analyse your quality of earnings and examine EBITDA. Understand the biggest levers in your business that drive performance.

Better decision-making

Inform decision-making by modelling the potential impact that key decisions will have on the overall financial health of your organisation.

This is for you if...

You don’t have a financial model, or the one you’re using is too static. Most people think of financial modelling as solely being the numbers counterpart of their business plan. Whilst valid, it can also be applied to provide vision, test decisions and provide stakeholders with valuable information.


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