Business planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” are the over quoted words of Benjamin Franklin. However, they still remain true today. A robust business plan is the key document in the arsenal needed to achieve your goals. Whatever, they may be.

Business plans come in many forms, from infamous scribbled notes on the back of napkins to 100 page plus sleep inducers. The appropriate plan for your business will change with time and of course your intended audience. Having what we call an “investment grade” business plan at all times will have significant benefits. This includes maintaining clarity of purpose around which you can gather your internal team and external partners, including providers of finance, and will leave you poised to evaluate and, if appropriate, to exploit opportunities as they present themselves.

An “investment grade” business plan differs in its exact content from business to business and often its stage of development and complexity. But based on our experience of selling and raising money for numerous clients, we can help you guide you towards the right document.

At a high level, a business plan is a tactical document that must meet the objectives of fully explaining the business, the opportunities it seeks to exploit and how it is going to go it manage the core pillars of people, process and technology.

Your business plan sits atop of a solid understanding of your strategy and the market your business faces. A good business plan often follows a strategy review and a market validation exercise and of course is not complete without a financial model.


Focus, direction & clarity

As a company starting out or in the throes of change, your minimum requirement is a well articulated business plan that sets out a clear path forward.

Minimise risk

Understanding your risks and how to minimise exposure to them through effective scenario planning, will help you to stay on track and avoid being caught off guard.

Better decision-making

You probably make hundreds of important decisions a day. Sense-checking key decisions against your business plan ensures the value of those decisions is cumulative and in line with business goals.

This is for you if...

You currently have no business plan; or the one you do have isn’t fully aligned with your ambitions and strengths; or you have big intentions for the next few years and now need the blueprints to make it happen.


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