Rewards and incentivisation

Do you know how best to encourage value-creating behaviours within your team? We can work with you to define your corporate goals and structure a reward package to encourage and align these behaviours.

We adopt a four step process that will help build real value for your people and achieve long term commitment and buy-in. This is built around: Define (your corporate goals), Design (a reward package should blend the best bits from bonus schemes, equity incentives and well-being programmes), Implement (including agreeing schemes with HMRC where required) and Communicate (effecively cascade goals and reward drivers through the team).


Effective use of resource

Give your plan the best chance of success by getting everyone onboard, and focused on delivery.

Tax efficient

Properly designed share options schemes, such as the Enterprise Management Scheme (EMI) or Employee Shareholder Scheme (ESS) can deliver reward highly effectively.

Build equity value

Considering the full package of employee benefits will ensure your team are not focused on narrow or short term targets at the expense of wider shareholder value.

This is for you if...

If you have an ambitious plan to get to the next level that requires buy-in from your key people, a well structured tax efficient reward scheme is the answer.


To find out how we can help you, contact Nathan Morgan.