Coaching and mentoring

Do you feel that you have the right support to help you grow personally into a better leader? Our accomplished coaches and mentors are skilled in the art of getting the most out of business owners and their teams.

Coaching is a more short term task/skill orientated activity, which aims to enhance or introduce new skills, such as presentation style or thinking more strategically. Hence it is results driven, such as promotion for one of your team where we help to best equip them for the jump.

Mentoring is a long term relationship where we can work with you or team members over a longer period of time. We look to create an environment of trust where you feel you can share your thoughts on areas such as work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception, and how the personal influences the professional.


Unbiased personal support

Helping you and your team face and address their own challenges over the short and medium term.

Build confidence

As an owner-manager and investor it's key to have confidence in the soft skills of your team.

Build a stronger culture

Developing rounded people who are more personally comfortable, but also sensitive to their colleagues' needs.

This is for you if...

You have a great team but need support to evolve to the next level of personal growth and effective leadership, or have identified a promising member of staff who would benefit from some one-to-one development.


To find out how we can help you, contact Andrew Barratt.