Strategy review

No matter if you have managed to write it down, or it exists only in your head, every business has a strategy, but how well is your strategy serving you? Our strategy review explores how successfully your current plan is helping you to meet your goals, grasp opportunities, drive growth and ultimately how it can be developed to accelerate your business.

A strategy review is both backward looking – What has your business done well? What has it done not so well? As well as looking forward to exploit opportunities in the market. A strategy review is not tactical, that is left for the business plan where the detail of “how” is tackled. Your strategy has to project your business forward, looking at the big moves that will deliver your objectives. Those objectives can be both corporate and personal. For many of our clients their objectives are initially determined through an exit plan designed to deliver their lifetime personal financial requirements.

Your strategy needs to be built on a firm understanding of the competitive landscape. As a business owner, you will have formed a view on the market in which you operate, but often an independent market validation exercise, undertaken before a strategy review, adds significant value in bringing about a fresh perspective. This exercise is designed to contextualise the playing field and the key players over, through and around which you will need to navigate.

Our reviews are highly personal, we spend time with you to understand your business and how you should best play to your strengths, whilst also future proofing yourself against possible weaknesses. Our independent and experienced challenge alongside your deep knowledge of your business work in partnership to deliver a strategy that works for you.


Play to your strengths

Is your business's strategy aligned with your unique strengths or at odds? How well is it serving you?

Identify new opportunities and shifting dynamics

How is the market changing and what opportunities are emerging? Is your current strategy still relevant?


Understanding where you are now and your ambitions, then scientifically testing the relevance of your approach for delivering these.

This is for you if...

You’re too close to your business and would like an objective, external review of your strategy and assistance to ensure that you’re moving forward in the best and most effective way towards achieving your goals.


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