Market validation

Understanding where your products and services sit in the market is essential. Planning your next move without understanding the dynamics of a new market place is leaving success to chance.

Our market validation is a comprehensive review looking at:

  • The advantages and opportunities for development of your product and/or service offering
  • Perceived value of your product and/or service in the market
  • Key competitors and your comparative positioning
  • Macro market developments that may provide opportunities or threats to your offering

We gather information from publicly available resources as well as developing proprietary data on your behalf. This may include organising anonymous or open book customer interviews, surveys or focus groups as appropriate. All this compiled in a contextualised and concise report.

Armed with this information, you will be best placed to plan your next move be that development of your current offering or creation of a whole new business stream. Importantly, you will be in a position to explain in depth and with confidence your market to any third party financier or buyer. Detailed and validated knowledge of your market will set you apart from other investment opportunities and will paint you and your management team in the best possible light.

Once you have completed your market validation and your strategy review, the next step is to look at the tactics required to exploit the identified opportunities and develop your Business Plan.


Product focus

Help you to see the wood for the trees and make a decision on your new product line and where you need to align

Channel diversity

Test where you should adapt your channels or even look for new ones based on your current market position.

Competition view

A clear view of the landscape and where you sit now will help you plan to deliver on your goals.

This is for you if...

You are unclear on where you sit in your market and keen to understand what the competition is doing


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