Route to investment

At Shaw & Co, we pride ourselves in the curation of high-quality deals. It is our responsibility to present to investors the businesses we feel most confident about. Completing the Funding Academy could offer you a route to investment.

Upon completion of the Funding Academy programme, Shaw & Co will invite the businesses that are most investment ready to work with us more formally. For those businesses, we will add our full weight of experience and reputation behind each investment opportunity to achieve the funding you desire.

Showcasing the most investable businesses

We only work with business leaders who are fully committed to the process of raising funds. If your business is invited to work with Shaw & Co, you will be offered the chance to showcase your investment opportunity through our extensive investor network.

Shaw & Co’s investor network

Through our fully advised and managed fundraising process, we offer bespoke transaction support and deal arrangement through our network of 700+ lenders funds, family offices and HNW networks.

No obligation

There is no obligation to work with Shaw & Co. However, if you choose Shaw & Co to support your funding journey, our standard fees will apply. Our transparent fee structure will be discussed with you before any mandate is signed.


Meet the challenge

Learn to think more deeply and broadly about your business, the funding process and what investors are really looking for.

Become investment ready

Learn how to optimise your business plan deserves and refine your pitch before engaging with investors.

Secure investment

The best businesses will be invited to present to Shaw & Co's investor network.

This is for you if...