Day 2 Modules

Designed by Shaw & Co’s funding experts, the Funding Academy’s Day 2 syllabus will deepen your knowledge, capability and confidence to help you get investment ready.

Day 2 – Learning objectives

Defining and articulating your market, your position in it and why your brand will win is essential for potential investors. Day 2 focuses on strategic marketing modules where you will be challenged to think differently about your own business proposition.

You will reflect on the strengths of your own business and how you can leverage “brand power” to generate a sustainable competitive advantage. You will apply marketing models to your own business, evaluate your competitive approach and what persona your brand should carry.

During the day you will think deeper about your market, the customer “pain points” you’re trying to solve and the wider competitive landscape. You will be introduced to strategic models that will help develop your own business strategy.

The day concludes by focusing on how you get your proposition to market. You will learn about different market models, the promotional mix and how to build and nurture a sales pipeline.