Unsecured Lending

Access unsecured loans of £0.5m to £5.0m through our partnership with Caple. With terms of between 5 and 8 years, Caple Loans offer long term flexible finance to support your strategic goals and accelerate growth.

Caple addresses gaps in the funding landscape where traditional lenders are unable to provide sufficient credit. Caple extends the debt capacity of established SMEs. Loans provide credit against future cash flows, not collateral.

Fairly priced – loans attract a fixed interest rate of between 6% – 12% and amortise in a straight line over their term. Lending is truly unsecured, no personal guarantees, debentures or warrants.

Loans can be used to fund working capital, development capital, fixed asset investment, acquisitions, management buy-outs, management buy-ins and share buybacks to name but a few.

As a Caple Partner, we act on your behalf to assess the eligibility of your proposal and prepare your credit submission. This will include developing your strategic and financial plan sufficient to meet the requirements of the Caple credit committee.

Once your submission is made, the lending process takes between two to three weeks. We manage the process on your behalf all the way to drawdown. We help you through the term of your loan managing your quarterly reporting requirements – allowing you to get on with growing your business.

Download our Unsecured Lending Overview

Secure funding to help your business grow


Go further

Extend the borrowing capacity of your business. Do much more before using more expensive, time consuming and complicated forms of financing such as equity.

Quick and Efficient

The Caple technology platform ensures an efficient assessment process. Once an application has been submitted Caple aim to complete the loan within two to three weeks. Loan documentation is clear and simple


Caple Loans can be used for almost any purpose. Quick simple and efficient, focus on the growth of your business, not overly complex or restrictive finance arrangements.

This is for you if...

You are looking to fund your established SME for growth, acquisition or buy-out – but your requirements extend beyond that of traditional bank appetite but don’t yet demand the involvement of Private Equity.


To find out if your businesses is eligible, contact Jim Shaw.