Our funding process

Our funding process and the support we provide covers the three key stages of preparation, marketing and closing.

Preparation: Every opportunity taken to market requires three key documents. These are:

If you don’t have all or any of these, don’t worry. You’ll have passed our gate process which means you have the information needed to prepare these. We can help you bring them together quickly and to a professional standard. If you do have them, we’ll review and then provide advice and commentary.

Crucially, we take the time to coach you on presentation skills. Whilst you may have made a million presentations to customers, staff, panels and so on, learning to listen to an investor, understand what they are asking and answer in a concise, accurate and consistent way is a skill. It’s also often the fundamental difference between success and failure in a Scaleup fundraise.

Marketing: Selecting the right investors is key. It is not about quantity but quality. We’ll present the opportunity to invest in your business to the most appropriate audience from our 600+ database. We will arrange key pitch meetings on your behalf, joining you to provide immediate support and guidance. We will handle all logistics, follow-up calls and requests for further information from investors.

Closing: On receipt of offers from investors (also known as term sheets) we’ll help you select the most appropriate across investment terms. These are often hard to compare directly. We will negotiate and improve these terms on your behalf or in conjunction with you, if you prefer. We have years of experience in closing deals, particularly the complex project management required to get through due diligence. Now is not the time for you to try to acquire these skills; your focus, and that of your team, needs to be almost exclusively on growing monthly recurring revenue and delivering the business plan.


Be prepared

Make sure all of your documentation is fully up to speed and of a professional standard before engaging with any investor. First impressions matter immeasurably.

Nail the pitch

Tailor presentations to the audience. Ensure it is concise, focused and investor-friendly. We give you coaching and rehearsal time to ensure you get that critical meeting spot on.

We negotiate for you

We negotiate the technicalities of closing for you. Your focus on maintaining growth in monthly recurring revenue is essential during the closing process and needs your full attention.

This is for you if...

You have passed our gate process and are ready to start the process of approaching the market and closing your deal.


To find out how we can help you, contact Nathan Morgan.