Scaleup capital

Your business is still in its early years. However, it is gaining traction rapidly and you need fresh capital to grow the team, ramp up marketing and further develop your product. You have proven your concept and market; you are now a true Scaleup and ready to expand rapidly.

We start by taking you through our gate process. We ensure that all the key elements required by investors are in place before you approach the market.  Investors see huge numbers of opportunities and making yours stand out requires careful positioning. Our gate process is designed to align with that of investors and has been developed in collaboration with some of the most experienced in the industry. If you pass our process you are truly ready to negotiate your deal.

And don’t worry if you don’t quite pass all the gates – we are there to help you with advice, support and mentoring. Once you have passed through all the gates, we can start the funding process and help you secure your investment from one of the 600+ investors on our database. We support you all the way through the process of negotiation and closing, ensuring that you sign the best deal available to you with the right funding partners.

For us, this is just the start of our journey together. Helping you implement your plans is just as exciting to us. See some of the services that we offer under our Grow, Fund and Exit methodology.

Not sure what we mean by Scaleup capital? Find our definition here.


Right focus, right time

Our gate process makes sure you focus on the right things at the right time. Some key milestones have to be reached before raising Scaleup capital. We will help to make your fundraising as efficient as possible which is essential with your inevitably limited time.

Make the right approach

Accuracy is key in a market where investors will regularly see more than 2,000 opportunities per year and invest in approximately 2-3%. We are actively engaged with our investor base and will put you in front of the investors most suited to your business.

Close the deal

We're by your side all the way to completion. We will help navigate the commercial and legal terms offered, as well as the complex term sheets to close the best deal. We negotiate on your behalf, balancing the technical knowledge in discussions with your investor.

This is for you if...

You want to take your Startup to the next level and become a Scaleup in a professional and considered manner. Or if you’d like to approach the right investors with the right proposal and secure the best deal available to you in a continually evolving market.


To find out how we can help you, contact Nathan Morgan.