Management buy-out

If you are offered the opportunity to buy the business for which you work, or indeed you would like to create the opportunity, it can mean access to a life-changing series of events.

Management teams often make once in a lifetime returns from modest investments in such transactions. Getting them off the ground in the first place is a sensitive and complex task. Not only does the transaction have to be negotiated with the current shareholders of your business, but funding needs to be put in place and the deal for the management team negotiated both between themselves and with investors.

Funding normally comes from a mixture of private equity and debt. In some circumstances, vendors can assist in the financing structure by providing loans back to the management team to bridge any funding gaps.

We have the experience to guide you through all the stages of this intricate process to ensure that your deal is completed.

 Not sure what we mean by Management buy-out? Find our definition here.


Access to the whole market

Funding your transaction takes more than a phone call to the bank. Through our extensive network of PE houses and debt providers, we'll bring together the right solution for your transaction.

Keeping you on track

A management buy-out is complex, time consuming and can easily go wrong. Our experienced team will keep you on track and undertake much of the heavy lifting to ensure results are delivered.

Realising value

An MBO is the first step to creating value for its participants. We help you with the deal and then support you as you grow and exit your investment subsequently.

This is for you if...

You have been offered the opportunity to buy the business, or you would like to bring about that opportunity. If you are looking for assistance to fund your transaction or someone to lead negotiations for you.


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