Unsecured lending

Shaw & Co are a Caple Partner and our unsecured lending experts can help you access long-term unsecured loans to support your strategic goals and accelerate growth.

What does this service provide?

Caple are European specialists in SME growth credit and provide long-term, unsecured loans of £0.5m to £5.0m to European SMEs. They provide this in collaboration with BNP Paribas Asset Management.

Shaw & Co are a member of Caple’s Partner Network. If you need a long-term unsecured loan, here’s some of the support our specialists can offer:

  • We will act on your behalf to assess the eligibility of your funding proposal.
  • We will prepare your credit submission which includes an analysis of your business, your strategy and your expected cash flows.
  • We will develop your strategic and financial plan to meet the requirements of the Caple’s credit committee.
  • If your funding proposal is approved, Caple will provide you with long term growth credit that fits your needs, and on fair terms and conditions.

Important things to consider

  1. Caple do not accept direct approaches from businesses.
  2. Caple do not require security or personal guarantees. However, as a result of this approach, your business must be able to demonstrate sustainable, sufficient and durable cashflow.
  3. Loans arranged through Caple are typically for a duration of five to eight years and can be used to finance growth, investment, acquisitions or as additional working capital. Prepayments with no penalties are allowed after 24 months.
  4. Caple charge fixed rates of interest, typically between 6% and 12%, depending on credit risk.
  5. Caple loans can also be used to fund changes in ownership, such as Management Buy-Outs.
  6. Caple charge an upfront processing fee and no further charges.
  7. Once your submission is made, the lending process typically takes between two to three weeks.

How much will the service cost?

Our fees are designed to ensure that we are totally aligned with your objectives. We have designed, over years of experience, a balance between commitment fees and success fees that makes sure that we are “in it together”. Our objective is for clients to always see value in our fees that significantly exceeds cost.

What should I do next?

If you would like Shaw & Co to help arrange a long-term unsecured loan, please contact one of our corporate finance experts shown on this page, or click the arrange a meeting button.

“We are often challenged by clients saying this proposition is too good to be true, but Caple’s lending is truly unsecured, with no personal guarantees, debentures or warrants. This is why it is always worth considering the services of a corporate finance house as they will have access to solutions that business owners will have no knowledge of, or simply can’t access.”

Alexei Garan, Head of Debt Advisory

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Secure funding to help your business grow


Go further

Extend the borrowing capacity of your business. Do much more before using more expensive, time consuming and complicated forms of financing such as equity.

Quick and Efficient

The Caple technology platform ensures an efficient assessment process. Once an application has been submitted Caple aim to complete the loan within two to three weeks. Loan documentation is clear and simple.


Caple Loans can be used for almost any purpose. Quick simple and efficient, focus on the growth of your business, not on overly complex or restrictive finance arrangements.

This is for you if...

You are looking access long term unsecured loans to grow your business. You do not want to sell equity to raise funds. You need a Caple Network Partner to help access funds.

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