Debt advisory

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the debt financing landscape has become more complex than ever. If you need independent expert advice on raising debt finance to grow your business, our debt advisory experts can help.

What does this service provide?

If you need fully informed and independent debt advice, here’s some of the support our specialists can offer:

  • We will help you navigate the complex funding landscape and take the time to fully understand your business and strategic growth objectives. 
  • We will help identify the best debt solutions to support your growth and working capital needs.
  • We have substantial experience with long term loans, asset backed lending, unitranche, mezzanine solutions and everything in-between.
  • We will make sure that any debt solution is structured and scaled appropriately for your business.
  • We interface seamlessly with our Equity Advisory team to develop solutions requiring both forms of financing or hybrid solutions.
  • If you’re seeking debt financing, we will manage the entire process from identifying funding offers, preparing the materials and handling the negotiation, to managing the closing processes.

Important things to consider

  1. Fragmentation of the debt market means that your business bank is highly unlikely to be the one stop shop it once was. The role of an independent debt advisor is more important than ever before.
  2. If you fail to consider the wider funding market, you may miss out on the right package for you or fail to secure funding entirely.
  3. Using a debt advisor to arrange your financing can help not only find the right solutions but create ‘competitive tension’ among lenders, which brings forward the best deal for you.

How much will the service cost?

Our fees are designed to ensure that we are totally aligned with your objectives. We have designed, over years of experience, a balance between commitment fees and success fees that makes sure that we are “in it together”. Our objective is for clients to always see value in our fees that significantly exceeds cost.

What should I do next?

If you would like Shaw & Co to help you raise debt to finance your business needs, please contact one of our corporate finance experts shown on this page, or click the arrange a meeting button.

“With the added complexity and increased fragmentation of the debt market, very few owner-managers can navigate this market unaided. The advantage of using a debt advisor, who operates in the market on a daily basis, can help you save a significant amount of time when identifying and optimising the best debt solutions to fuel your growth and meet your working capital needs.”

Alexei Garan, Head of Debt Advisory


Find the right solution

With a fragmented marketplace, an independent advisor who can help you navigate the options is essential. No longer can you rely solely on your friendly bank manager.

Optimise cost of capital

Ensure that the debt capacity of your business has been fully explored before looking at equity solutions. There's plenty of expensive equity money only too happy to take debt-like positions at higher cost to owner-managers.

Save time

Asking us to review your business and advise on the debt options available to you can save you many man hours of discussions with numerous funders. We will bring the right solutions to you.

This is for you if...

You need to fund growth in your business, either working capital or for development and investment. You want to be efficient and consider only the options applicable to you quickly and efficiently.

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