Exit planning

You cannot start planning for an exit too early. Once you’ve had the initial thought, it’s time to start exploring the options, the realities, the complexities and to start planning. It’s time to identify your own goals and those for your business, and to develop a clear roadmap for achieving them.

Our methodology is highly personal. We help owner-managers to clearly identify their goals based on personal financial requirements, post-exit commitment to the business, legacy and employee retention, amongst other criteria. We then help them map the way to achieve their desired result.

Exit planning includes both external and internal considerations to make sure that your business is as attractive as it can be to your identified buyer audience. It can involve strategies to become known to your eventual buyer, wider PR requirements, restructuring, streamlining, strengthening of management teams and so on.

Our approach is holistic to ensure that your business is in the best position it can be when the time comes to go to market.

Alternatively you can consider our lighter touch value lab.


Control the controllable

The eventual exit of your business is likely to be the biggest single transaction of your life. Therefore, leaving it to chance makes no sense at all. Make sure an exit is on your terms by planning and controlling those variables within your power.

Optimum positioning

Tailor the proposition for your most likely buyers. You will have spent years developing your product or service for your customers. Now you need to think about the requirements of a new set of buyers - for your entire business.

No surprises

Ensure that all your housekeeping is in order, financial data available and contracts in place and fit for purpose. Buyers are risk averse and any risks arising from poor documentation will reduce the value or, worse still, halt a deal entirely.

This is for you if...

You have had even the first thought that you might like to exit your business. You’d like to take control of that process using a clear road map that can be articulated to those around you, and maximise the probability of achieving your desired result.


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