Visitor arrangements for Queen Square office

We are open and we are here for you

From Monday 10th August 2020, our Queen Square office will re-open between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Prior to visiting our office, please ensure that you have read the instructions below. 

Your safety is our priority

We have made adaptions to make the office a safer place for you and our employees. These include:

  • Providing hand sanitiser at the ground floor entrance and the Shaw & Co reception area so that you can clean your hands on entering and departing the building.
  • Providing hand sanitiser in locations where there is high contact e.g. printer stations, cupboards, meeting rooms etc.
  • Regular sanitising of high contact surfaces e.g. lift buttons, door handles etc.
  • High visible floor markings to help you easily maintain a 2m distance between other visitors and Shaw & Co employees.
  • Limited occupancy for all our meeting rooms. Meeting rooms will ideally be used once per day allowing for a clean down after use. If a room is to be used twice then it will be subject to a clean between meetings.
  • Disposable PPE is available in reception for use if requested and when required.
  • We are carefully managing the number of people in the office at any one time.
  • All working areas including common areas, meeting rooms and toilet facilities in the office are deep cleaned each evening to minimise risk.

Office occupancy

Shaw & Co employees will be present in the office, we have capacity for our full team to occupy our office within government guidelines. All employees have had COVID-19 training and are committed to maintaining strict social distancing and hygiene procedures.

Essential meetings only

Our approach to meetings is that they should be limited to “essential meetings” only. This is to limit unnecessary travel and footfall within the office. Our team can provide guidance as to what types are meetings will be permitted and this will be reviewed constantly in line with changing government guidelines.

Instructions for visiting us at Queen Square

  1. Visits to our office are by appointment only and are to be arranged in advance with your Shaw & Co primary contact or via reception by calling 0117 325 8510 or emailing
  2. Prior to your visit, you must complete a Visitor’s Questionnaire to ensure the safety of our employees. You may be refused entry to our office if you present a higher risk of transmission of COVID-19. 
  3. When completing the Visitor’s Questionnaire, you will be asked to read and confirm to comply with our COVID-19 Company Statement.
  4. Details of all visitors will be retained for 21 days for the purposes of track and trace.
  5. If you have any specific requirements for your visit, please make your primary contact (or reception) aware of these at the time of booking or before attending the office.
  6. Please raise any questions or queries you might have about the process or movement in the office on arrival.

To contact reception please call 0117 325 8510 or email

Adapting as guidelines change

We will continue to monitor this unprecedented situation as it unfolds and adapt our risk mitigation planning accordingly. Through flexibility, partnership and communication we can continue to offer services to our clients without compromise in quality in the weeks and, potentially, months ahead. These instructions will be updated as soon as government guidelines change.

Thank you for your co-operation and on behalf of everyone at Shaw & Co we look forward to seeing you soon.

Jim Shaw, Founder & Partner