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Trade Sale of Nanopharm

Having created an internationally renown innovative respiratory CRO, shareholders Prof. Rob Price and Dr. Jag Shur decided that it was time to find a home for their fast growing company, Nanopharm. That home had to provide alignment with their values and a platform to become a globally significant organisation within its niche. We helped them find the perfect partner in Aptar Pharma.

Nanopharm was founded by Prof. Price in 2002 shortly after which he was joined by Dr. Shur and together they oversaw its growth from a scientific start-up to a fully-fledged high-end CRO business that is recognised as an international leader in its field. Whilst Nanopharm continued to grow strongly as an independent entity, Rob and Jag came to conclude that the business, employees and clients would all benefit from the business becoming part of a larger organisation with the support, reach and synergies that would support Nanopharm’s continued development on a global stage.

Our involvement with Rob and Jag began in Autumn 2018 when after receiving several approaches, they decided it was time to seek a new home for Nanopharm. Our expertise was selected to bring about a process that not only brought continuing conversations to a head, but also ensured that an “all of market” approach had been taken to deliver the best deal for all stakeholders.

Shaw & Co worked to draw up a list of appropriate potential buyers and assessed their relative merits and suitability against the criteria set by Rob and Jag. We ensured that we challenged thought processes and made sure we brought new ideas to the table. As it turned out, the successful buyer, Aptar Pharma, was introduced to Nanopharm by Shaw & Co.

Having selected the potential buyers, solicited comparable offers and presented to Rob and Jag a number of acceptable options our job was far from complete. We worked closely with Rob and Jag, the business, Aptar and respective advisors to manage the due diligence and closing process to a tight deadline. The deal was completed only 3 working days after the initial deadline set out some three months earlier.

Building Value

Finding the right home for a business with an extremely exciting future:

  • Exit Planning

    Working closely with shareholders, Prof. Rob Price and Dr. Jag Shur, we helped map out and deliver the realisation of their investment in Nanopharm. Choosing the right buyer, with whom they and the business could continue to grow was essential.

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  • Valuation

    A critical part of the process was advising the shareholders on the current and future value of the business and importantly, how to maximise that during the transaction. This spanned from correct preparation and accounting detail, to articulating the strategic vision.

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  • Strategic Positioning

    Showing a trade acquirer the potential of the business their ownership is key to driving value. With Nanopharm positioned as a key disruptor in the respiratory CRO space, illustrating to potential buyers the upside potential was essential to ensuring that its true value was understood.

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We were initially concerned about the value that Shaw & Co might add to our deal. We didn’t understand the true value of their expertise and just how critical their input would become. Now on the other side, we wouldn’t hesitate to instruct them again. Their strategic positioning of the business, attention to detail and expertise in executing the deal delivered us a multiple of the investment we made in Shaw & Co’s appointment.
Prof. Rob Price CSO and Founder, Nanopharm

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